Monday, January 23, 2012

Bill Utterback in VIP magazine

Flip Wilson by Bill Utterback

Bill Utterback (1931-2010) was, beginning in the early nineteen sixties,  Playboy magazine's resident caricaturist, and was also considered by many to be the most popular caricaturist living in Chicago. In fact, he was often cited as "The Hirschfeld of the Windy City".

 In the seventies, his caricatures of "Second City" comedian/improv cast members graced the lobby bar of the legendary Second City Comedy theatre in Chicago, where many famous comedians first got their start.

Beginning in the early sixties and lasting into the seventies, Utterback contributed a regular black and white caricature that would appear in Playboy's offshoot magazine "VIP, The Playboy Club Magazine":

 Playboy published VIP (Very Important Playboys) as a way of keeping members of the Playboy club informed about all things Playboy. In particular, the magazine let members know which entertainers were due to perform at their various Playboy clubs. Many of the portraits would then hang in the clubs. 

I've long enjoyed these elegant, (and in some cases, very sexy) lush, B&W watercolor caricature portraits of various "hip" comedians and singers (some still famous, some totally forgotten). Bill Utterback also created (full color) caricatures for the popular annual Playboy features "That Was The Year That Was" and for their "Playboy Jazz/Pop Poll"
Henry Mancini for Playboy

The caricatures he created for V.I.P. magazine have rarely been seen, outside of subscribers to V.I.P.(which no longer exists), and to member's of the Playboy clubs. So, if these fabulous drawings are new to you, enjoy!

a 1966 album cover by Utterback

Some samples of Utterback's annual All-Star Bands from Playboy:
The 1967 Playboy All-Star Jazz band

1973 (the "Jazz" was dropped from the title at this point)


Utterback also illustrated the caricatures for the yearly "That Was the Year That Was" for Playboy. This one is from 1985

mid-seventies album cover art

a 1987 Utterback self-portrait (via Jim Engel)

The VIP drawings...
Joan Rivers
Jackie Mason
Beverly Saunders
Shelley Berman
Florence Henderson
Donna Theadore
Bobby Sargent

Tony Bennett
Michael Dees
Diahann Carroll
Misty Walker
Vic Damone
Lonnie Shorr
Teri Thornton

Chubby Checker
The Everly Brothers
Mort Sahl
Liza Minnelli
Flip Wilson
Flip Wilson II
Jackie Curtiss
Sammy Davis, Jr.
Sonny & Cher

Tiny Tim
Gabriel Kaplan 

Friday, January 20, 2012

FART Magazine

FART logo

Beginning in the late-fifties and lasting into the mid-sixties, there was a Swedish car magazine called FARTFart being the Swedish word for speedAlthough this title most likely stirred little attention in the magazine’s home country of Sweden, stories abound that it would often cause amusing and often embarrassing situations when the magazine's staff writers and photographers would travel to international car shows and racing events, introducing themselves as representatives from FART magazine.

Various FART covers:
Airport FART
 FART Stewardesses

FART on the go

FART babes
1965! FART
Various FARTS


 FART tart
more FART tarts
FART in Paris

FART race cars

Giddy, free-wheelin' FART

Sexy picnic FART tart

Speeding FART

A FART lifestyle