Sunday, May 15, 2011

Britney's back!

Britney Spears, Cheesey Puffs lover. The restored version.
A variation of this illustration of Britney Spears appeared in Entertainment Weekly back when the "pop princess" was at the height of her fame and paparazzi harassment. I was asked to depict her as the simple, nutty, white-trash girl she only yearned to be, enjoying her favorite snack treat "Cheesey Puffs" in a 711 store, oblivious to the media attention. Much to my surprise, When the illustration appeared in print, the editors chose to omit the orange "cheesey" substance from her teeth & around her lips.

Now, on this exciting dawn of Britney's "Summer comeback tour",  she's been restored to her full "cheesey" glory.


  1. I much prefer the cheesy version. It made me laugh out loud! May I suggest having her eat pistachios next time? I'd love to see her with red fingertips.

  2. Fantastic Work. Thanks for posting these. How ignorant I am that I know so many of these pieces and never made the name connection.