Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Even MORE Old Jewish Comedians

This is the cover to my third book of portraits of old Jewish Comedians, "Even MORE Old Jewish Comedians", due out this fall from FANTAGRAPHICS books. The cover subject is the still performing younger Old Jewish Comedian, Stewie Stone. The foreword was written by the one & only Roastmaster General Jeff Ross, and the cover & book is designed by Monte Beauchamp.


This was the cover to the second collection of OJC portraits, featuring Joe E. Lewis's lovely mug on the cover. Foreword by the late Larry Gelbart.

... And the cover to the first OJC book, featuring the one & only Uncle Miltie at his angriest. Foreword by Leonard Maltin.


  1. Wishing you luck on your latest super-heated carnival of atrocities!

  2. After three books of Old Jewish Comedians and a book of Sideshow Freaks, I'm wondering what you'll do for an encore. Middle-aged Swedish chiropodists? If so, put me down for two copies!

  3. No one channels Jews
    As well as Drew

  4. MUSHUGINA? Sounds like a hooker that works Chinese restaurants; she comes with pancakes.

    (Congratulations, Drew!)

  5. Yeah New Tex, it should be MESHUGA, or "you'd be A Meshugana," eh, boychik?

  6. Hank, that was the exact quote from JUXTAPOZ. Take it up with them.

  7. I am waiting for "Old Catholic Comedians". Anne Meara could be on the cover. The rest of the book however might require maybe some outright
    fabrications on your part. But that would OK.