Thursday, May 19, 2011


"Alliteration" by Leo Gorcey. Click to Enlarge
Harold Egbert Camping, a Christian radio broadcaster and president of "Family Radio" has declared that this Sat, May 21st, will be the "Rapture", "Judgement Day", the prelude to the "End of the World, when God will completely destroy the Earth exactly 5 months later, on Oct 21st".

Of course, to anyone who has read & admired the poetry of the late Bowery Boy/Prophet Leo Gorcey, this is old news. Gorcey predicted the end of the world in his poem "Alliteration", written in 1967 for his autobiography "Dead End Yells, Wedding Bells, Cockle Shells, and Dizzy Spells" (Vantage Press, New York).

The autobiography of Leo Gorcey, Vantage Press, 1967

My illustration, depicting Gorcey's prophetic poem originally appeared in the graphics publication RAW in 1986, the lead illustration for an article titled "The Beginning of the End" by Paul Boyer.

RAW #8. Cover by Kaz
 The Gorcey illustration and his epic poem are also included in the book "Warts & All".

Harold Egbert Camping, Leo Gorcey follower

Thanks To Kliph Nesteroff


  1. Deep thinker this Gorcey. A regular Auden. That's a great drawing of Leo, BTW, Drew.

  2. I'm going with Gorcey on this one. We'll see who's right in a couple of days.

  3. Wow. Who knew that such a master of malapropism was also an alchemist of alliteration? For a completely incoherent Gorcey, check out "Second Fiddle to a Steel Guitar" from 1966

  4. I'm having a hard time reading that...I think I need to see one of dem optimists...LOL!!!