Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Penn Jillette, American spokesman for male virility
This is a Chinese viagra product called "Impetuous Man" featuring none other than magician/comedian Penn Jillette as the product spokesman. The artwork was drawn by yours truly. Problem was, the art, created for a short piece written by Penn a decade earlier for Men's Health magazine offering humorous advice on how to make love to a woman (The woman shrieking in horror, my little twist), was used without credit or permission.

The Impetuous product
"Impetuous Man", offered by the "American College of Sexologists", promises to "maintain and prolong male erection and help delay or prevent premature ejaculation. It is better for your sexual performance and is pure herbal chinese sex medicine" price: 1000 yen.  Penn & I discussed suing the "American college of Sexologists" for using my art and his likeness without permission, but finally decided it would probably be an almost impossible uphill battle, let alone merely attempting to track down the manufacturers in China, (no address is listed on the product). Besides, Penn was flattered to be singled out by China as the lone symbol for male virility in America.

This from Penn Radio's Wikipedia page:

  • Penn-brand Viagra: on the February 1, 2007 show, a listener alerted Penn to a strange photo of him gracing the cover of a Chinese herbal "Viagra". The Chinese box copy claims the box contains fast acting pills that will increase a man's stamina, increase the volume of his semen, and win him respect among other men. The box depicts an illustration of a man that looks disquietingly like Penn Jillette (complete with his signature one painted fingernail) choking a woman during intercourse. The product does not identify Penn by name but seems to label him as the "impetuous man". One can purchase a bottle here for 1000 yen. It was later revealed the art work was of Penn. The artwork accompanied an interview with Penn in an American magazine. It is unknown how the art made its way to Asia.

Impetuous Poster hanging in Chinatown
Posters advertising "Impetuous Man" hang or are displayed in Chinatown gift store windows across the country and in China. Penn and I decided that all we really wanted was to own either one of the posters or the actual product itself, which we now both do. I've yet to sample the product.


  1. *grin* Wonderful to be reminded of my brush w/ stardom (I'm Don Coyote on Flickr and clued Penn in)!

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