Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tor Johnson Returns

All hail Super Swedish Angel Tor Johnson (Click to enlarge)
This is the newly completed back cover artwork for the upcoming reprint of my first collection of comic art, co-written by my brother Josh: "Any Similarity to Persons Living or Dead is Purely Coincidental", my first full color portrait of beloved Swedish mongoloid wrestler/movie star Tor Johnson.

The new large edition is scheduled for release next spring from Fantagraphics books, and will also feature a brand new, full color Shemp Howard mug gracing the cover and a foreword by a late NYC elevator man.

All my early Tor Johnson comic strips will be in the new edition, including this, my first, "Tor Johnson at Home", originally published in R. Crumb's magazine "WEIRDO". When I sent this to Robert Crumb in 1981, he had never heard of Tor Johnson.


  1. That's okay, Tor never heard of Crumb either!

  2. Great news! Drew Friedman's work is informed by his extensive knowledge of and affection for all things show business--most especially those unexamined treasures that fascinate and delight him. I'm anxiously looking forward to this reprint by Drew and Josh!