Monday, September 26, 2011


Art by De Los Rios

CANAL TV was Argentina's version of TV Guide and featured cover art but two of Argentina's most renowned caricaturists, beginning in 1954 with Abel Ianiro, (who tragically died in 1962 at age 43), then the talented Jorge De Los Rios before the format switched to photo covers.

Here's a sampling of many of their fun, colorful, Al Hirschfeld, (who was creating covers for TV Guide at the time), influenced covers, spanning the years 1954-1966. Many of the American subjects and TV shows are still instantly recognizable while some have faded from memory.

Thanks to Shane Gline's "Cartoon Retro" which ran some of the Ianiro covers on his terrific blog.
art by Ianiro

This article by Abel Ianiro explaining his methods appeared in a popular Argentina magazine in the fifties.


  1. These are breathtaking. Something was in the air or in the water in Argentina during the 1950s. Some kinda postwar-cartoon-genius microbe or smart pollen or something. It's in their music, too. The traditional Argentine tango is a pretty broad caricature of ballroom dancing, (or it was when Gomez and Morticia did it on TV a couple years later.)

  2. Thanks for posting these, Drew. I especially love the Lassie and Karloff covers. Too bad laniro died so young. I'll have to check out more of his work. Your blog rocks!

  3. Check also Guillermo (Willie) Divito. Ianiro was his assistant. Divito was amazing!

  4. Tu blog es exelente,gracias por exponer el trabajo del gran maestro De Los Rios.Saludos y espero que te guste mi Blog.

  5. Brilliant artist. He had an odd aversion to ear detail though.