Friday, January 20, 2012

FART Magazine

FART logo

Starting in the late-fifties and lasting into the mid-sixties, there was a Swedish car magazine called FARTFart being the Swedish word for speedAlthough this title most likely stirred little attention in the magazine’s home country of Sweden, stories abound that it would often cause amusing and often embarrassing situations when the magazine's staff writers and photographers would travel to international car shows and racing events, introducing themselves as representatives from FART magazine.

Various FART covers:
Airport FART
 FART Stewardesses

FART on the go

FART babe

JUL nummer FART
1965! FART
Various FARTS


more FART tarts
FART in Paris

FART race cars

Giddy, free-wheelin' middle aged FART

Sexy picnic FART tart

Speeding FART

A FART lifestyle


  1. Maybe the top one could be the ad campaign for ABC's Pan Am series

  2. Hi, do you know from when to when the magazine was published? How many issues were published each year? Thanks