Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Covering Books

Last Gasp, 1984
Over the years I've been hired by various publishers to create a number of book cover illustrations, (aside from the covers of my own books and anthologies of work.)
Here's a look at all the covers I've drawn, starting with this biography of middle Stooge Larry Fine, written by his brother Morris Feinberg, who served as president of the official Three Stooges Fan Club for many years. I also supplied illustrations for the interior chapters of the book, all of which now hang at the "Stoogeum", the Three Stooges museum, near Philadelphia.

This was Cleveland comics author Harvey Pekar's third anthology. Robert Crumb created
the first two covers, and Harvey asked me to create this one based on a photo he sent me by photographer Chris Buck.
Four Walls, Eight Widows, 1991
This was an annual (800 pg) video catalog that I did the cover art and cover design for in 1996. Movies Unlimited is now partners with TCM in creating their DVD movie catalog.

I had never heard of "The Fabulous Sports Babe" when I was hired to create this cover image for her autobiography. I haven't heard of her since.
Harper Collins, 1996
Art for Vince Waldron's excellent book on his picks for the top 10 TV sitcoms of all time. I created this wrap-around cover image (see below)
Silman/James Press, 1997
The entire image
I originally drew this silhouette of R. Crumb for Entertainment Weekly magazine,
and editor Monte Beauchamp asked to use it for the cover of his book on Crumb.
St. Martin's Press, 1998
A new design for the Kitchen Sink Press reprint
Entertainment Weekly's TV critic Ken Tucker asked me to draw this split screen image of him for the cover of his book of TV essays.
St. Martin's Press, 2005
The wild Hollywood Misadventures of "The Bundy Drive Boys", including W.C. Fields.
John Barrymore, Errol Flynn, John Carridine and others.
Feral House, 2007
The updated edition of this scandalous classic by the Wallace family.
Feral House, 2008
Cover art for this huge anthology of the best of the New York Observer
Harper Collins, 2008
Possibly the two most disgusting faces I've ever drawn appear on the cover of this hilarious
Virgin Books, 2008
The autobiography of the legendary Hollywood screenwriter Irving Brecher. I wanted to include Mr. Brecher on the cover but he reasoned: "No one knows what the Hell I look like!"
Ben Yehuda Press, 2009
Back cover art created for this biography of 3 Stooges heavy Vernon Dent
Bear Manor Media, 2010
Various comic book fan/journalist faces, for the cover of this anthology of comics criticism edited by Ben Schwartz
Fantagraphics, 2010

2010, A cover that was not to be. Art created for this excellent book reprint that
was to be published by Applause books. It was
 eventually published elsewhere with a photo cover.

For the new edition Of Steve Stoliar's book on working as Groucho Marx's secretary in the seventies, I created this updated Groucho posed as Capt. Spauling portrait.
Bear Manor Media, 2011

Kipp Friedman's new memoir from Fantagraphics books, 2013


  1. How about a "You Kin Draw Like Drew!" featurette, walking us through from a couple o' simple circles to a fully-rendered karicachewer? It's a sure-fire laff-getter, and may encourage the youngsters to stop, well, doing whatever youngsters do and start drawrin sicko art!

    Seriously tho' but - your technique kills me. Do you use a pencil or what?

  2. Not just the technique but the wonderful expressions. And the wrinkles--so fabulous. I gotta read that Larry Fine bio. I'm not getting any younger...