Wednesday, May 9, 2012

MY WAY Gallery Show Opening

On 4/27/12,  I celebrated the opening of my art gallery showing "My WAY" with an opening night party at the Scott Eder gallery in Dumbo, Brooklyn. It was a warm and packed turnout of friends, Facebook friends, and family members, and my thanks again to all who attended.

To anyone who missed the opening and is interested in visiting the show, it'll be  up till the end of May.

Thanks to the following photographers for sharing their terrific photos: Al Baca, Marcia Eder, Kipp Friedman, Molly Friedman and Mel Neuhaus and special thanks to Scott Eder.

The Wall St. Journal on the opening:

Signing "Subway Riders" prints before the party

The plexiglass display on view containing products and items I've designed over the years

With gallery owner Scott Eder
The beverage of choice, logo by yours truly

The party was also the official re-release party for this book, "Any Similarity to Persons Living or Dead is Purely Coincidental", co-written by Josh Alan Friedman, featuring Shemp Howard's mug on it's cover
Spike Lee's brother Cinque takes in the scene

Trent Thompson and Amedeo Turturro of INK magazine
with cartoonist Mark Newgarden, toasting McSorley's
Signing a book for Leyla Monkeygirl
Ladies of Plonsky: Beth P., Liz Belmont and Leyla Monkeygirl
WFMU's Dave "the Spazz" and friends
with new pal, 12 year old Jason

With Lampoon cartoonist/illustrator Rick Meyerwitz
Friedman brothers reunion , l to r: Josh, Kipp, Drew
with little sister Molly Friedman
Dad Bruce Jay Friedman and brother Kipp

with photographer James Hamilton and Cartoonist Stan Mack (with McSorley's)


  1. Nice crowd! I see you sold quite a few pieces, too. Congrats!

  2. Damn the Atlantic Ocean. Damn it right to hell!

  3. Yay! Bring it to the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco.

  4. Or, pretty please, to the cartoon museum in London (or even better, somewhere around Liverpool so I might get to see it...)

  5. Was "Ooh, Jesus!" reprinted anywhere?
    I had forgotten about that one.