Thursday, November 15, 2012

Portrait of John Severin

John Severin © Drew Friedman
This is the latest in my ongoing series of "portraits of the legends of comic books", the late artist John Severin (1921-2012), one of the original MAD/EC comics artists. I portrayed him at work in his studio circa the mid-seventies, putting finishing touches on his latest cover painting for "Cracked", the MAD imitation magazine where he worked for 45 years and was their signature artist .

My blog from earlier this year on John Severin's Cracked paperback covers:


  1. This is a very nice addition to the series, lit cigar and all. I trust that at some point you're going to collect these in a book.

  2. Yes, these will be collected in a book.

  3. Hey, this is a wonderful realization of my Grandfather. Thanks for giving an homage to his legacy. ~Severin Hubka