Monday, March 25, 2013

Igor's Dream Beer Label

IGOR'S DREAM, a Russian imperial stout beer was officially released by the Two Roads Brewing Company of Connecticut on March 23rd. This is the second beer label illustration I've created (the first was for McSorleys), this time featuring Russian-American Igor Sikorsky who designed the first American helicopter and whose dream obviously was to be featured on a beer label.

label art direction: Jordan Bochanis
original art, I drew the floating fedoras separately 
Two Roads Brewing Company announcing their latest beer
a bottle of Igor's Dream


  1. That's the best beer label since the days of Three Stooges Beer, (bottled by J. Panther Pilsner of the Panther Brewing Co.) I'm gonna stash a keg under my coat, just so I can tell the cops it's a goiter.

  2. The Floating Fedoras - good name for a band...

  3. The man flew an open helicopter while wearing a fedora! How amazing is that? I was so pleased to find out the illustration was one of yours. Thanks!

    (And the beer is really good too!)

  4. BTW, I bought the T-shirt with the illustration on it!