Friday, July 5, 2013

Martin Goodman pencil sketch

Martin Goodman (1908-1992) was the legendary, elusive publisher of magazines, paperbacks and comic books. Under his parent company Magazine Management, his vast empire of magazines ran the gamut ranging from pulps, true crime, romance, humor, puzzles, movies/celebrities, cheesecake photos, and most notably men's adventure magazines which is where my father worked as an editor from 1954-1966 along side among others, Mario Puzo. Goodman is mostly remembered today for helping to launch the "golden age of comics", publishing a comic book line known first as Timely, then Atlas, and eventually Marvel comics. 

This is my (imagined) pencil portrait of the rarely photographed Martin Goodman at Magazine Management in 1956, proofing several of the latest covers for Atlas comics. The finished color painted piece will be included in my upcoming book of portraits depicting the pioneering legends of American comic books, to be published by Fantagraphics Books in 2014.

Publisher Martin Goodman, 1956
"The Martin Goodman Story" published by Goodman in 1947

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