Thursday, September 4, 2014

My Robert Crumb Comic biography in MASTERFUL MARKS

cover to Masterful Marks, designed
by Monte Beachmp, lettering by
Ryan Heshka
Masterful Marks, edited and art directed by BLAB! founder Monte Beauchamp, is a hardcover collection of graphic biographies celebrating the lives of visionary cartoonists, published by Simon & Schuster. My eight-page comic strip "R.Crumb & Me" is included in the book. The other contributing artists/writers: Marc Rosenthal (Charles Adams), Arnold Roth (Al Hirschfeld), Sergio Ruzzier (Charles Schulz), Nora Krug (HergĂ©), Peter Kuper (Harvey Kurtzman), Ryan Heshka (Jerry Seigel and Joe Shuster), Mark Alan Stamaty (Jack Kirby), Nicolas Debon (Winsor McCay), Owen Smith (Lynd Kendall Ward), Larry Day (Walt Disney), Frank Stack (Rodolf Topffer), Gary Dumm (Hugh Hefner), Dan Zettwoch (Osamu Tezuka), Denis Kitchen (Dr. Suess), and Greg Clarke (Edward Gorey). 
The first four pages to my Robert Crumb comic strip:
(ordering information for the book below)


  1. Great work. I remember being disturbed by Zap when I bought my first issue in 1969, too. The whole book sounds awesome!

  2. Great tribute to Crumb! I had a similar reaction to Moonbeam McSwine in LI'L ABNER, Lois Pain in SUPERDUPERMAN and Vampirella. I didn't get a decent night's sleep for years.

  3. I checked this book out at our library and it's great--history, comics, the history of comics... I learned a lot and it built on my knowledge of comics and the artwork is superb throughout. Kudos.