Friday, December 19, 2014

Bob Dylan channels Frank Sinatra

Blowin' in the Summer Wind...

Bob Dylan will be releasing his tribute album to Frank Sinatra in Feb 2015, Shadows in the Night. To celebrate the occasion I created this image of Dylan posed in an iconic Sinatra pose. The illustration will soon be released as a limited edition print:

Jeff Newelt for HEEB magazine writes about the art here:
Ol' Jew Eyes is Back
my initial rough pencil sketch

tighter pencil sketch, before painting

and the unofficial cover that could have been, art directed by Todd Alcott

my last drawing of B.D., for the Wall St. Journal, when he was about to turn 70



    Very fine!

    Added to the Caf album of images Shadows In The Night.

    EDLIS Café

  2. Drew's cover is about a thousand times better than the generic one they're going with, as pictured on Amazon. You can preview track 7, "Fool Moon and Empty Arms." With all due respect to Dylan, it seems to be beyond his range. I'd buy it anyway if it had Drew's cover.