Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Mort Drucker's Medal of Honor

The legendary artist Mort Drucker was the first recipient of the National Cartoonist Society's new Medal of Honor.

Mort received the medal at the NCS convention's banquet in Washington, DC in late May, 2015. I was delighted that my portrait of Mort, created for my recent book "Heroes of the Comics" was used for the poster to herald the event.

NCS president and MAD artist Tom Richmond blogs about Mort Drucker recieving the award here:

the poster created for the event (click to enlarge)
my friend, Simpsons director David Silverman caught
attempting to make off with the poster

Three legendary Morts meet at the banquet:
Mort Drucker, Mort Gerberg, Mort Walker

thanks to David Folkman who designed the
poster and took the photo of the 3 Morts


  1. The best there is, was and perhaps shall ever be. There wasn't anyone, seemingly, he couldn't capture, from Eastwood's squint to Connery's flared nostrils to Nixon's essence. How brilliant he is and what a joy it was opening MAD every month, not to mention seeing his work grace the covers of TIME and many others. Thank you Mort Drucker. There he goes, Mort Drucker, the best there is.