Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Gilbert Gottfried, drawn for the final Village Voice

The final print issue of New York's legendary alt' weekly newspaper The Village Voice is out today (9/20/17), and many current and former contributing writers,

photographers, illustrators and cartoonists were invited to create one last piece for the issue.

I drew my old friend, comedian and podcaster Gilbert Gottfried, posed on a downtown street in Manhattan.

The addition of the, (soon to be history), red Voice distribution box was suggested by the Voice's art director, Ashley Smestad Velez.
Gilbert Gottfried

initial sketch (shoes were changed to sneakers)

printed page, including my text

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  1. Dear Mister Friedman, I am a big fan. Actually, I am a tall fan if that counts. Okay, I am not John Lithgow tall, but anyway I like your work. However, I am the founder of the Vilnius Jewish Library in Lithuania. I must say that of all your work I most like what you did regarding Tor Johnson. It would be a pleasure and honor to hear from you.

    Respectfully Yours,

    Wyman Brent