Sunday, March 3, 2019

R. Crumb and The Book of WEIRDO

On March 2nd,  the worlds greatest greatest artist/cartoonist R. Crumb, in NYC for a gallery opening of his work,  joined me and author/editor Jon B. Cooke and his brother Andrew for lunch in downtown New York. Crumb is absolutely THRILLED with "The Book of WEIRDO" by Cooke,  a celebration of the legendary comics/graphics humor magazine Crumb created and originally edited in the early 1980's, coming out in May from Last Gasp books. 

WEIRDO was later edited by Peter Bagge and finally by Crumb's wife Aline Kominsky. I drew the cover art and wrote the foreword to the book. 12 years in the making, the large (nearly 300 pages), hardcover book is truly magnificent.

Photos by Andrew Cooke:
R. Crumb and The Book of WEIRDO author Jon B. Cooke...

me, R. Crumb, Jon B. Cooke...


  1. Is it just me or are all three of those fellas looking better as they age? How come that doesn't work for the rest of us?

  2. Brilliant stuff! So much incredible talent and hard work went into Weirdo, resulting in monumentally original humor! Thanks for all the laughs!