Thursday, May 12, 2016

R. Crumb and R. Crumb and Me

The world's greatest cartoonist Robert Crumb was in Portland, Oregon earlier this week, and paid a visit to the office of a private art collector and mutual friend who also own's the original artwork to my 8-page comic strip "R. Crumb & Me". The work was originally published in Monte Beauchamp's book Masterful Marks, published by Simon & Schuster in 2014.
The comic strip is also be included in The Best Comics of 2016.  Crumb happily posed for some photos with the original art, (I had been told awhile back that he greatly enjoyed the piece), after carefully studying each page. Crumb and I go way back, I had been a regular contributer to Crumb's magazine WEIRDO back in the early/mid-eighties.
page one of the comic

page two

Order "Masterful Marks" here:


  1. Drew and R - what a clash of genii!

  2. And today is George Carlin's birthday. Now there's a meeting I would have paid to see happen, Crumb and Carlin together.

    Thanks Drew!

  3. I'm bookmarking your blog. Mankind needs this more than ever! :) BTW, good to see ya, Drew!-- (Joe Aslaender from Time mag.)

  4. I'm bookmarking your blog now. Mankind needs this more than ever! :) Good to see ya, Drew! (Joe from Time mag.)

  5. love the blog ...... more blog.

  6. Crumb has become an elder statesman of comedy, like Woody Allen. It's always nice to see him. Unlike Woody, he knows that a great caricature is really a tribute, and isn't needlessly offended.

    Drew, yours is by far my favorite blog. I don't always leave a comment because typing "Wow, what a great post!" all the time would get old pretty fast.

    BTW, as usual, what a great post...

  7. Now you can do a drawing of him looking at your "Robert Crumb and Me" art--then repeat on the next visit and you'll have him looking at himself looking at the art of him looking at your art. Or not, but why not ;) Always great to see Mr. Crumb and I like the purple tint on his glasses, very stylish.