Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The art of Erik Hermansson

Erik Hermansson, (1903-1976), was between the 40's-70's one of Sweden's most popular illustrators,  primarily known for his B&W newspaper cartoons depicting Swedish athletes, but also for his full color magazine, book and record covers.

He's virtually unknown in this country which is why I wanted to share some of his terrific, lively and funny portrait and caricature work. Most, if not all of his subjects are unknown to Americans, and now probably forgotten by most Swedish folks as well, adding to the weird charm of his work. Some of his black and white images remind me of Robert's Crumb's crosshatching style. I wonder if Crumb was ever aware of his work? See what you think.

My thanks to John Wendler



  1. Holy sh#t !! .... This is ASTOUNDING ..... and utterly wonderful ...... love it like crazy.

  2. Being born in Sweden in 1956, i recall almost all personalities depicted here by mr Hermansson.
    Many of these were radio personalities,recording artists,athletes, politicians and women royal People.
    Thanks for sharing!