Friday, October 28, 2011

Horror Records for Halloween!


Here are over 180 covers of spooky, horrifying, terrifying, and in some cases ridiculous monster-related, science fiction related/ghost related/gothic-related and Halloween-related LP and singles vinyl album covers. Some are common, some rare and obscure, some great and some awful. You decide.

Arch Obler's DROP DEAD from Capitol was the gold standard of horror records. My brothers and I wore out several copies, always listening to it... in the dark.

Check out Leonard Maltin's essential new article "When Dracula Reigned on Halloween", which includes a link to the very blog you're looking at:

And click this link for more on a series of Horror LP records, not included here:

"Tales of the Frightened" volume one (cover art by renowned pinup artist Freeman Elliot)...
...and volume two. "Are YOU one of the frightened?" asks the soothing, sinister voice of the great Boris Karloff at the beginning of each tale. Great cover art and spooky readings of short, short horror stories. This was also used on a paperback cover with the same title.

This album consisted of audio clips from several Universal horror films, and a Don Post Frankenstein monster mask featured on the cover.

a later reissue

the back cover

"A George Garabedian Production".
Slightly misleading cover, as Dracula was no where to be found on this
old Suspense radio drama featuring Bela Lugosi.

Aurora Monster model art (by James Bama) on a record cover! Wow! This was a must-have, although it's basically former Dead End/Eastside kid, actor Gabriel Dell (excellently) imitating  Bela Lugosi as Dracula and the "voice" of the Frankenstein Monster. Another example of the cover art being far better than the actual record (written by Cherney Berg!).

More Jack Davis. Front Cover...

Back Cover...

enclosed Monster Fan Cards

various Halloween covers...

my entry into the Halloween Horror album covers

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