Monday, November 26, 2012

All Your One-Stop Holiday Shopping!!

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All your ONE STOP Holiday shopping is conveniently located RIGHT HERE at your fingertips!

Gifts for all occasions, all recent or newly released books, CD's, and prints...

The childhood favorite back in print in a new deluxe Shemp-covered hardcover edition, and featuring an introduction by Chester "Chappy" O'Daniel...

60 years of MAD, featuring all your favorite "usual gang of idiots", including yours truly...

The best of the worst work chosen from 60 years of MAD, including MAN BOOBS...

The 50th anniversary collection of the legendary Topps MARS ATTACKS cards, including my new(ish) full page Mars Attacks image...

Pages and pages of Comics Sketchbooks from some of the top comics artists. Included are my rough sketches of Howard Stern for his planned animated TV show...

The latest BLAB WORLD, edited by Monte Beauchamp, and featuring my tribute to the "Mad Playboy of art", Will Elder...

New cover art for volume two, a 2-CD collection of rare Blues & Country gems,  including  an illustrated 52 page booklet...

My latest limited edition print: Blues legend Howlin' Wolf...
My recent Muddy Waters print. Only three remain...

Other recent prints include Martin & Lewis and Al Jaffee...


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Lot's of "Forty Little Mothers" posters

Forty Little Mothers was just an average 1940 drama/comedy/musical released by MGM, starring Eddie Cantor and directed by Busby Berkeley.

What it did have going for it were several variations of the film poster featuring caricature art by the legendary Al Hirschfeld, and one by the great film poster artist Jacques Kapralik...

From the film's pressbook
sheet music
Eddie Cantor by Hirschfeld, created for the films publicity campaign... 
and publicity art by the great Jacques Kapralik

Thursday, November 22, 2012

The 1962 Mort Drucker JFK Coloring Book

cover designed by
 Beverley Clarke Roman

The JFK COLORING BOOK was a 22 page coloring book for adults, conceived in 1962 by Alexander A. Roman along with comedian/writer Jackie Kannon with additional copy by Paul Laikin, and self-published that year as a KANROM book. The great MAD caricaturist Mort Drucker was hired to do the illustrations.  It takes a satirical look at the Kennedy White House, narrated by and seen through the eyes of young daughter Carolyn. She briefly introduces the reader to the different family members and friends (Frank Sinatra, etc), policy makers, and political leaders. The book sold several million copies upon it's release, but of course all but disappeared from the shelves the following year due to certain unforeseen circumstances. 

Here are a few pages featuring some of the great Mort Drucker drawings from the book:

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Charlie Manna album covers

Charlie Manna (1920-1971) was a very funny Italian American comedian who was popular throughout the sixties but is sadly forgotten today...

                   Charlie Manna performs his act on the Johnny Cash show

His legacy is several great album covers: The first "Manna Overboard" from 1961, featured these fun, quirky background cartoons by an artist unknown to me:

The second "The Rise & Fall of a Great Society" from 1966, is by the one and only Jack Davis...

"Manna-Live!"... well two out of three ain't bad.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Portrait of John Severin

John Severin © Drew Friedman
This is the latest in my ongoing series of "portraits of the legends of comic books", the late artist John Severin (1921-2012), one of the original MAD/EC comics artists. I portrayed him at work in his studio circa the mid-seventies, putting finishing touches on his latest cover painting for "Cracked", the MAD imitation magazine where he worked for 45 years and was their signature artist .

My blog from earlier this year on John Severin's Cracked paperback covers:

Monday, November 12, 2012

My 1991 "Wacky Package" drawings

Louse & Garbage by DF

all pencil sketches included here
are © Drew Friedman
In 1991, I was creating many concept sketches and pencil drawings for the TOPPS company, including for their latest set of the hugely popular sticker series "Wacky Packages". Mark Newgarden was the editor and art director for the 1991 series, and the writers for the card fronts included Newgarden, Jay Lynch, Jordan Bochanis,  John Mariano and myself. I drew about 22 tight pencil images which would (with one exception) be painted by the illustrator Patrick Piggott. 

Unfortunately, many of the cards I created (mostly parodying popular magazine covers of the day) were ultimately not used, the "Lost Wacky's". The problem was that Topps gave the go-ahead to proceed into a second series before the first series had even been marketed. When the numbers were finally crunched, it was decided that the team should move along with other satirical projects. Most of these pencil drawings have never been seen till now, aside from several turning up on a Wacky Packs site but incorrectly attributed to other artists.

painting by Pat Piggott: PP (unused)
Popps Magazine by DF
finished card painted by PP
TV Died by DF

painting by PP (unused)

BOB magazine by DF

painting by PP (unused)

The baby Splitters Club by DF

finished card by PP

SAD by DF (ironically I'd become a regular in MAD, a "Usual Gang of Idiot" a year later)
heh heh...

painting by PP (unused)

Boys' Lice by DF

painting by PP (unused)

Chin magazine by DF/not painted/unused

Frank Snot-ra Booger style marinara sauce/not painted/unused

Famine circle by DF

finished art without lettering by PP (unused)


finished card painted by Tom Bunk

Heaventeen/not painted/unused

Paul E. Newman's Rancid Dressing by DF/not painted/unused

Rock 'em Sock 'Em Rabbis by DF/not painted/unused

Scar by DF

painting by PP (unused)

Soldier of misfortune by DF

painting by PP (unused)

Spleen Beat by DF

painting by PP (unused)

Sweat Valley High by DF

painting by PP (unused)

The following printed cards were originally penciled by me (unfortunately I have no copies of my sketches):

PREZ, painted by PP

Yuppie Chow, painted by PP

Barf's, painting by PP

Howard's Shempoo/card back, painting by PP

Salesman's order sheet for the '91 wacky packs (which were released in 1992)

 thanks to Mark Newgarden & Michael Campbell