Sunday, March 29, 2015

Recent illustrations.

From time to time I show some of my recent work on this blog, some pieces that  were assignments, and others, private commissions. Here's some recently completed illustrations. (Click the images to enlarge):
comedian and host of the WTF podcast Marc Maron commissioned this portrait.
 This will be a large poster available on Maron's site.
 I'll be a guest on an upcoming WTF.

Bob Dylan posed as Frank Sinatra, for HEEB, also availible as a
limited edition print (only three left)

and an album cover that could have been. Art direction by Todd Alcott

author Mickey Spillane, who began his career writing for comic books,
created for my
next book More Heroes of the Comics, coming out in late 2016 from
Fantagraphic books.

Screenwriters Scott Alexander & Larry Karaszwski, for the cover of the
Writer's Guild magazine Written By

Comedian Gilbert Gottfried, for the New York Observer
NY Mets pitcher Jacob deGrom for the NY Observer

Comics artist Daniel Clowes, a private commission

the late underground comix artist Rory Hayes, a private commission

the late underground cartoonist Spain Rodriguez, a private commission

musician Eric Clapton who turns 70 on March 30th, this was a private commission.
This will be for sale as a (very) limited edition print:

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Lorne Greene and the Hotel BONANZA

The Hotel Bonanza, A two level, 160-room western-themed hotel and casino in Las Vegas, was constucted and owned by New York attorney Larry Wolf and opened on July 1, 1967. 

In order to capitalize on the then hugely popular primetime TV show Bonanza, the opening night revue was hosted by none other than the show's (Jewish) star Lorne Greene, "An Evening with Lorne Greene", who performed in his full Ponderosa/Ben Cartwright costume in the hotel's "Opera House Showcase of the Stars". Other performers in the revue included Suzi Wallace, "the Lively Five", "the Bonanza Girls", "Watusi Stampede '67", all backed by the Joe Guercio Orchestra. 

Lorne Greene performed his fairly recent hit "Ringo", and other popular songs of the day. His closing number was "What the World Needs Now". The audience loved it. 

In 1970 Larry Wolf went into bankruptcy and the hotel was demolished to make way for the MGM Grand Hotel, which would later burn down.

      Lorne Greene sings "You make me feel so Young":

Special Thanks to John Wendler
postcard for the Bonanza hotel featuring the show host Lorne Greene

back of postcard
a postcard of the new Hotel Bonanza in 1967

more postcards:

a 1970 Hotel Bonanza postcard

Lorne Greene with comics Red Buttons and Jimmy Durante in Las Vegas

Opening night jitters with conducter Joe Guercio

Dale Robertson performs at the Bonanza

hotel postcards featuring legendary western outlaws

the real draw for the hotel,
displaying her Bonanzas.

thanks to John Wendler

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Chiller Theatre TV Guide ads

Chiller Theatre was the name of the Saturday night horror film slot in New York shown at various times of the evening on WPIX channel 11 in the 1960's.

Like so many other kids growing up in the New York area, I made sure I was glued to the TV that night. The New York/New Jersey editions of TV Guide regularly ran tiny ads for Saturday evening's Chiller Theatre throughout the sixties featuring bold, simple yet stark artwork and lettering which I looked forward to and loved.

I'm not certain who designed these ads at TV Guide but my suspician is they were created by the late writer/editor/designer Bhob Stewart who worked at TV Guide at the time, (and was instrumental in bringing artist Jack Davis on board), and was also an editor at Castle of Frankenstein magazine. 

the memorable opening to Chiller Threatre

the early-seventies Chiller Theatre opening,
featuring the six-fingered hand:

and some later TV Guide ads

Thanks to Gary Gerani