Saturday, March 14, 2015

Lorne Greene and the Hotel BONANZA

The Hotel Bonanza, A two level, 160-room western-themed hotel and casino in Las Vegas, was constucted and owned by New York attorney Larry Wolf and opened on July 1, 1967. 

In order to capitalize on the then hugely popular primetime TV show Bonanza, the opening night revue was hosted by none other than the show's (Jewish) star Lorne Greene, "An Evening with Lorne Greene", who performed in his full Ponderosa/Ben Cartwright costume in the hotel's "Opera House Showcase of the Stars". Other performers in the revue included Suzi Wallace, "the Lively Five", "the Bonanza Girls", "Watusi Stampede '67", all backed by the Joe Guercio Orchestra. 

Lorne Greene performed his fairly recent hit "Ringo", and other popular songs of the day. His closing number was "What the World Needs Now". The audience loved it. 

In 1970 Larry Wolf went into bankruptcy and the hotel was demolished to make way for the MGM Grand Hotel, which would later burn down.

      Lorne Greene sings "You make me feel so Young":

Special Thanks to John Wendler
postcard for the Bonanza hotel featuring the show host Lorne Greene

back of postcard
a postcard of the new Hotel Bonanza in 1967

more postcards:

a 1970 Hotel Bonanza postcard

Lorne Greene with comics Red Buttons and Jimmy Durante in Las Vegas

Opening night jitters with conducter Joe Guercio

Dale Robertson performs at the Bonanza

hotel postcards featuring legendary western outlaws

the real draw for the hotel,
displaying her Bonanzas.

thanks to John Wendler

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