Saturday, July 9, 2011

TERROR (The Son of Horror)


These four "12" LP Records, all 33 RPM" were advertised in the back of monster magazines (Famous Monsters of Filmland, Mad Monsters, Horror Monsters, etc) throughout the 1960's, and fascinated me for their visual starkness, as well as their bare-boned titles ("TERROR", "HORROR", etc), although my brothers and I never actually took the step of ordering them. Good thing! Turns out that the four albums ( "*Narrated by a Richard Taylor", reading Poe stories) were a clear-cut case of false advertising. The unsuspecting kids who were duped into ordering them (from "Victor Specialties" of Conn)  received not the four advertised covers, but blank covers stamped with the titles (where the Beatles got the idea for the White album?). No matter, I still love these LP con job ads:
 FRIGHT (the house of)

Original ad featured in the back of dozens of cheap 60's monster magazines.
About The Narrator, the "Crown Prince of Terror"
You can learn more about the history of the records, and listen to the actual records via this blog: SCAR STUFF...



  1. I can't decide if they're horrible or terrible, but they're great!

  2. Actually, I'm NOT izzie crazie: apparently the reseller I just bought a used mac laptop from never thoroughly "wiped" info and now APPLE grabs everything and lo! Izzie Crazie pops up here in this blog on another MACBOOK which I own.
    The point being what?
    I have SPINE TINGLING TALES OF THE MACABRE and it's NOT a cheap stamped album BUT is from "RANDOM" Records with a real printed cover.
    Who the hell is RICHARD TAYLOR?