Friday, September 30, 2011

Jewish Comedian books

The first book written about the king of Comedy
Here's a peek at some great book covers of various books by Jewish comedians, or about Jewish comedians from over the years. Most of these are from my collection, and a few of them are actually funny and/or very well written! I've even thrown in a couple of Jewish comedian cookbooks. Most of these are long out of print but of course can be found online if need be.


This is the first book to come out about the Marx bros, back in the late forties.

Joey Adams seemed to turn out a new book every  month.

... including the Borscht Belt.

Well, one of them was Jewish (not LBJ)


  1. Didn't Hackett have a book on golf? I have vague memories of this from when I read through the comedy section of the library.

  2. Wow, what a spectacular collection! I collect books by comedians, too, but you have a lot that I don't have and vice versa. We should open a library!

  3. These are all beauties. I have a little postcard print of the OUT OF MY TRUNKS--the title is pretty raunchy considering the endowments of the author--an intentional double-entendre that must have gotten by the censors...

    I heard Al Hirschfeld tell a story about Groucho's MEMOIRS: when Groucho turned in the manuscript his agent asked who he'd like to do the illustrations. "Hirschfeld" he answered simply, meaning Al, who had already drawn the Marx's several times before. His agent said: "Oh, yes I know him well," meaning Leo Hirschfeld, who was a mediocre comic strip artist at the time. By the time Groucho was aware of the confusion it was was too late and both men disappointed. Leo is no Al that's for sure. Given the great quality of Hirschfeld's glorious illustrations in S.J. Perelman's books, this sad mistake cost history a whole host of artwork...Happily the cover you show here has a nice Weber sketch, in his best, fluid style.

    P.S. Been a longtime fan of your work. Ever since your ANDY OF MAYBERRY first appeared in High Times... Cheers..

  4. What a wonderful collection, Drew! How fortunate we were to grow up with such influences. When asked if I'm Jewish (as I often am) I always respond, "No, Show Business."