Thursday, December 20, 2012

Portrait of Mort Drucker

This is the latest in my ongoing series of portraits of the legends of comic books, the renowned caricaturist and illustrator, the amazing Mort Drucker. Mort has been a MAD artist for going on six decades, and I'm proud to count him as a friend (OK, full disclosure, we've actually only met once, but do occasionally correspond, Mort, a personal hero always being very complimentary of my artwork). This is Mort posed in his studio, at least my imagining of his studio:
Mort Drucker finished art (click to enlarge)

this is the early pencil sketch

Do yourself or a loved one or a hated one a favor and order the incredible brand new book "Mort Drucker, Five Decades of his Finest Works":


  1. I have friends who bought MAD only for the Mort Drucker-drawn movie and TV parodies. His "Valley Of The Dolls" and "Up The Down Staircase" were unforgettable!

  2. The King. His movie parodies have been the industry Gold Standard for, what, 50 years now? The first time I ever held a Mort Drucker original -- I'll never forget it, actually. It was a page from BALMY AND CLOD -- it took my breath away. (Remember that scene in WAYNE'S WORLD when the main characters drop to their knees and exclaim, "We're not worthy! We're not worthy!" That's what it felt like!) Pure genius. Sorry if this sounds gushy, but I'm honestly in awe of the guy. Drucker's stuff exemplifies everything that's great about cartoonists and cartooning, and always has - going all the way back to his FOX AND CROW covers from the '40s.

    BTW Drew, I have to say this series of portraits of the giants of comics is shaping up to be another project that you've hit out of the park. Outstanding.

  3. Thank Mike. These will be collected in a book and I'm hoping to confirm who the publisher will be shortly.

  4. There are artists and caricaturists....and then there is Mort Drucker. What would my adolescent years have been like without his brilliant work?

  5. We (the royal me, aka ME) shared this on ComixComixComix on Facebook, because it is amazing!