Sunday, July 14, 2013

Great Moments of Comedy LP Covers

In 1964, someone at Verve records had the brilliant idea of releasing comedy LP records by popular contemporary comedians and not featuring the comic's faces on the covers. Instead, the covers depicted laughing, guffawing, shrieking, head-slapping, nose-squinching, all-American, (white), couples, (actors, or Verve employees?), all with their eyes squeezed tight,  all pretending to be enjoying comedy LP's.

Some appear to be suffering from severe migraine headaches, several look like they're actually weeping or in pain, and one guy looks like he's literally about to throw up. The guy on the cover of the Jackie Mason album looks like the last guy you'd expect to enjoy Jackie Mason's brand of comedy.

 Here are all the delightful results:


  1. They all have really nice, white, straight teeth. Except for the guy on the Diller album, who is about to spit out his dentures.


  2. Some of these remind me that there's such a thin line between laughter, agony, and bowel movements.