Monday, July 29, 2013

The DAVE BERG Anthology

The massive book, "Mad's Greatest Artists: Dave Berg-Five Decades of The Lighter Side" from Running Press books, features a foreword and a portrait of Dave Berg by yours truly.
Dave Berg, 1960's

The lavish, oversized hardcover collection of over 40 years of Dave Berg's "The Lighter Side of" work for MAD magazine and much more, is 
is 100% Kaputnik-Approved!

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My portrait of Dave Berg, who began his career as a comic book artist in the early
1940's. The portrait will also be included in my upcoming book "Heroes of the Comics":

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  1. Holy cow! Dave Berg looks huge in the photo. Like Jewish Clark Kent, except he'd kick you around if you mouthed off. How big was he in real life?

    I always thought his women were really, really hot in a cougary-MILF way (before those term were common--I read MAD in the late 70s).

    He drew a beautiful line and some great realistically-distorted faces. Any influence on your work ?

    PS: Thank you for your blog. It's fascinating!