Thursday, September 12, 2013

"Godfrey Cambridge's Rent a Negro Plan"

The late, great, rotund 1960's black comedian Godfrey Cambridge's 1967 book "Put-Ons & Put-Downs" featured his earlier caustic nightclub/album  routine "Godfrey Cambridge's Rent a Negro Plan". The routine was illustrated for the book by the great MAD caricaturist Mort Drucker and reprinted in Cavalier magazine. Drucker also illustrated the book cover.

The comic book artist Neil Adams is also credited with "illustrating" the art, but I can't really figure out why. Adams had a distinctive style which I'm not recognizing in this work. Perhaps Adams inked Drucker's pencils? Any speculation or information would be appreciated.


  1. That last panel in particular looks not 100% Drucker to me - I think you're on the money with Adams inking this, as unlikely as it may seem. But what do I know.

  2. I notice Adams in the way the hands are inked in many panels. I don't mean he only inked hand, but that's where his style is most evident. See the kind of Jack Benny pose on page 40 panel 3 for example.

    Patrick Ford

  3. Drew-You once wrote that you couldn't locate the real last name of Jackie Miles. It was Mileaf although some family members spell it Milaef. Jackie was born in Russia, came over on the Lusitania with his Jewish parents, sister and brothers and was brought up in NY.

  4. Thanks, yes, I got that info awhile back and included his real name in my introduction to my third Old Jewish Comedian book.

  5. I can solve your Drucker/Adams mystery...

    The book was drawn by both men. Drucker did one chapter. Adams did the rest. Each man inked his own work. (I don't think anyone has inked Drucker but Drucker since about 1963.)

    CAVALIER Magazine only printed the Drucker chapter.

  6. Thanks for clearing that up Mark.