Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Drew Friedman's CHOSEN PEOPLE

My upcoming book, Drew Friedman's CHOSEN PEOPLE will be released in Nov 2017, and is published by Fantagraphics books. The book features over 120 of my more recent portraits of the famous, near-famous, not-so-famous, the celebrated and the reviled, includings artists, cartoonists, comedians, actors, singers, writers, politicians, baseball players, relatives and elevator operators. The book features a foreword by Emmy winning comedy writer Merrill Markoe, and is edited by Eric Reynolds and designed by Keeli McCarthey.


the book's cover featuring musician Muddy Waters

back cover featuring cartoonist Chris Ware

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  1. Wow! Merrill Markoe wrote your foreward? Color me impressed. I always thought she was the power behind the Letterman throne and I stopped watching after she departed the show.