Monday, October 7, 2019

Drawing President Trump

My latest book, All The Presidents, portraits of all 45 presidents of the United States, inevitably concludes with the current president, Donald J. Trump. I didn't draw the 45 presidents chronologically, but I did save and draw Trump last, mainly because I just wasn't quite sure how to approach him. I've drawn him many times over the years, beginning in the mid-eighties for the satiric monthy SPY when he was still just a NYC real estate developer, and as his fame grew nationally, in publications such as The New York Observer, TIME, MAD, Fortune and others.

I drew some initial Trump sketches for my new book which I rejected for various reasons... too goofy, too silly, too buffoonish, etc. My intention with this book was to try not to overtly editorialize, so I finally rendered this portrait of Trump which concludes the book. Make of the expression what you will.

My Trump pencil sketch:

The finished art:

the book's cover:


  1. Love the raw sketch, then scrolled down and realized you CAN polish a TURRRRRRRR.......

  2. I think you perfectly caught the lizard-like evil glint in his eyes. You're a true Master.

  3. I kinda like the ruffer sketch. Both are great, though

  4. I would like to see TWO things:

    1. Did you make any -- what you might consider -- significant tonal changes in features, shading, mood, etc. from your rough drawing to the finished drawing? If so, what caused you to make those refinements?

    And, 2) I'd love to see what you considered too buffoonish.

  5. You brought out what makes him the Lucky Stumblefuck that he is, self-important without reason, an imitation of dignity, a total impostor and ultimate huckster. I would have thought we would have had one these in the nineteenth century, but instead, this crops up in our early twenty first century, instead. I can merely hope it is an aberration and not a sign of more to come.

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