Monday, January 7, 2013


Zero Mostel in Foreplay

FOREPLAY, "a Carl Gurevich production",  is a largely forgotten, barely-released three-part "sex comedy" (originally there were four intended stories/plays, thus the title). It was barely released in 1975, starring the aging but still great Zero Mostel in one of his final film roles, and featuring the fascinating cast of Estelle Parsons, Jerry Orbach (in his third film), Pat Paulson, George S. Irving, Paul Dooley and Professor Irwin Corey. The film was written by four screenwriters, among them Dan Greenberg (How to be a Jewish Mother), and playwright Jack Richardson who adapted a short story entitled "Vortex" by Bruce Jay Friedman. After the film was screened for the writers, all four requested that their names be removed from the film, posters and advertising, as did the film's three directors including John G. Avildsen, who would direct ROCKY a year later. The film would eventually be released on DVD by Troma films.

More on the film:
Zero Mostel as the President
Pat Paulson and his "living doll"
The film received it's most attention when Jerry Orbach and other cast members
 recreated some of
their scenes for a photographer for a PLAYBOY spread on the yet to be released film

Newspaper ad
The Italian poster
In 1976, in an attempt to cash in on the hit film "All The Presidents Men",  the film was re-released and retitled "The President's Women". Why "All" wasn't included is anyones guess,  perhaps fear of a potential lawsuit by Woodward & Bernstein
double bill newspaper ad for the newly titled film


  1. The “Inaugural Ball,” section of the film sounds remarkably similar to the first episode of Charlie Brooker's 3 part Black Mirror series.

    Well worth a look if you dont know it...

  2. Roberto the Muse and The Steambath Attendant must both exist in the same dimension! That was fun to watch, Drew. Thanks for posting.

  3. This is a very good compilation...Avildsen and Mostel and Parsons created a mini-satirical masterpiece! Bravo Troma for creating the DVD