Monday, May 20, 2013

Joey Adams wrote a whole lot of Books.

The late Borscht Belt comedian Joey Adams (Joseph Abramowitz, 1911-1999), was a sometimes vaudeville, nightclub and TV comic, a sometimes stage actor, a sometimes comedy/joke/gag writer, a sometimes showbiz historian, a sometimes film actor, a sometimes newspaper columnist, a sometimes radio host, a sometimes dial a comic, and a sometimes Friars club Roastmaster. He was also the husband to society/gossip columnist Cindy Adams, a friend of celebrities and politicians... and most prolifically, an author of many, many books.

Here's the proof,  some with various covers, most if not all now
long out of print...

My portrait of Joey & Cindy Adams from "Even MORE Old Jewish Comedians"

Thanks to Tommy Moore


  1. To think those Southeast Asians would pick Ho Chi Minh over Joey . . .

  2. I have an autographed copy of The Curtain Never Falls. Dated Sept. 15,1949.